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 Why we love what we do

About | United States | The Country Store - Gun Stores Near Me | United States | The Country Store For low prices on work clothes, outerwear, shooting supplies and more for men, women and children shop Missouri Outfitters Supply.

Petersberg Holdings LTD LLC doing business as The Country Store and Missouri Outfitters Supply. We are a small-town, neighborhood shop that specializes in work and hunting clothing. We sell brands such as Carhartt, Under Armour, Filson, Wrangler, Key, Georgia Boot and Muck Boot.  In store we also sell a wide range of items such as guns, ammo, antiques and hunt and fish licenses.  Being a small-town shop we take pride in providing quality customer service! 


It is our mission to maximize sales, provide value to our customers and above all else provide top-quality customer service while still having fun!